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Half-Life: Opposing Forces

"The Half-Life universe, but from a very different angle "

While many of us wait for the sequel to Half-Life (Half-Life2 would you believe it?), Opposing Forces has been drafted in to fill the gap of time. While at ECTS we were told that OF is on-time for its Pre-thanksgiving release date and will certainly be an addon we can all enjoy.

To put things simply, OF is the Half-Life universe, but from a very different angle. You take on the role of one of the soliders seen in the original Half-Life and the whole game runs on a simultanious time-line with the original. This means you may even glimpse Gordon Freeman as he (once you) tries to escape Black Messa.

Next to that OF promises new weapons, textures, levels, a story that rocks bells, monsters and a whole host of additional features based on user feedback from the original HL.

Until Half-Life2 arrives you would certainly be wise checking this out, or even until Team Fortress2 arrives. Remember deep (un-confirmed) rumour has it that HL2 is due before X-Mas99, yeah sure!


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