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"You're going to love this!"

MDK never actually sold that many copies initially despite solid press reviews and simple yet entertaining and lasting gameplay. MDK2 is essntially more of the same and this time around they are hoping that with MDK now established the sequal will sell by the bucket load.

What made MDK such a winner with the press was the way it played, it was a SOLID arcade style shooter with a freedom of movement and level design never seen before. The whole gameplay was really unique, you never knew what was going to happen next.

MDK2 is more of the same, but this time with an up to date graphics engine and new enemies/levels. You can also play as more than one character but the idea is that MDK2 is MDK1 but with even more detail.

Thankfully that's not a bad thing as I for one loved MDK and see MDK2's new engine, levels and story as being a worthy return to an older classic. If you played the original then you're going to love this!



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