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GeForce 256 Sneak Peak

"The biggest selling point for Creatives Ge-Force256 - 64mb (32mb test on display) is the fact that it's NOT a graphics card"

Like many others out there we were privileged to get a look at the GeForce card on show at Creatives Booth. If you ever thought the PSX2 was going to beat the PC by the time it launches at 3D Graphic Operations then think again as the GeForce is easily just as fast as the PSX2's hardware. We were shown several technology demos (no that's not me on the left, doh!, or right, doh!), one which featured a bumped mapped sphere that had the ability to water like morph into weird other objects. Also a particle fire display like that of the PSX2's Demo was shown, you'd have to see it to understand just how good it looked as sparks swish into the air with grace then curve and fall smoothly down before hitting the ground and spitting out into a small cloud of steam like smoke and mini whizzing sparks.

Some of the other demos shown included extremely detailed city scenes (see it to believe it), morphing 3D fractal plants and yet more environmental bump mapping. Not quite the same as what the G400 uses but through DirectX7 we are assured it will look just as good and be even faster.

The biggest selling point for Creatives Ge-Force256 - 64mb (32mb test on display) is the fact that it's NOT a graphics card. Well tell a lie, it is but not in the sense you would know a GFX card as. It houses what's known as a Geometry Processor, this is essentially like having a P3 CPU built onto the card itself and thus takes the processing power literally 90% away from the main CPU. For example, make a Pentium90Mhz supporting Motherboard with an AGP slot and then stick a GeForce card in, that's all you would need and you would still get outstanding performance.

We are currently hoping Creative or another vendor will see their way to sliding an early card in for us to Preview, however we feel it may be a little while as early drivers are prone to crashing.


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