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"...the list does of course seems endless but time to write this article is not."

With a large piece of 2001 already missing in action, a lot has already happened in the first quarter of this year. Internet advertising revenues are nose diving, gaming networks have been shutting down left right and centre and numerous developers and publishers showing losses, but amongst all this negativity 2001 is looking like another excellent gaming year, with a lot to look forward to in the next ten or so months.

This compiled list of future hotspots is by no means complete but does contains some of the titles we would like to highlight as future hits this year. There are of course many other games that are worthy a mention, titles like Tribes 2, Halo, Desperados and numerous sequels ... the list does of course seems endless but time to write this article is not.

To further this investigation, please drop by our forums and let us know which games you are hyped up for. Perhaps Doom III and the recent GeForce 3 announcements have you trembling with anticipation or is it the wealth of next generation MMORPGs getting ready to hit the market. Maybe Counter-Strike is all you need to keep you busy in the wee hours, whatever - just let us know.

by Andrew Crofton

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