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"I think you'll find this the most honest, and comprehensive "gear of the year" ever."

Best Speakers

Cambridge Soundworks Desktop Theater 5.1
Review: N/A
Price: $250

The speakers of the year needed to be both loud and clear, contain at least 4 satellite speakers, and offer a powerful subwoofer that could make our monkeys go wild. Subsequently the Cambridge Soundworks Desktop Theater 5.1 was born. With 5 satellite speakers and an extremely powerful subwoofer this digital setup blew our ears out while playing an audio CD all the way up. This is Definitely one sweet speaker system.

Best Case

InWin IW-S500 Mid-Tower w/300W
Review: N/A
Price: $79

InWin makes some of the best cases around. The S500 is outfitted with a detachable side and front access panels along with its premounted chassis, which make it easy to install a new Mainboard, are all great features, not to mention the 300W power supply. Now a days, the 300W power supply is a must have feature, especially if you are going to be building an Athlon based system.

Best Portable MP3 Player

Diamond Rio 500
Review: Coming Soon…
Price: $269

With the music industry's resent explosion of MP3's you will need something to play them on. The Rio 500 is just the thing. 64MB of built in Flash RAM, RAM upgrade slot, USB transfers, large backlit LCD, excellent button placement, scrolling playlist, custom EQ settings, book marking, and skip free playback all propel this portable MP3 player ahead of the Nomad, and into my pocket.

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