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Win a slipstream for voodoo3 3000

"The slipstream enhancement kit for the voodoo3 3000 is one awesome product."

Today, we have decided to give away one slipstream enhancement pack for the voodoo3 3000. This product from overclk.com is an overcloking kit that helps bring your voodoo3 up to a clock speed of 200MHz easily. Read our review of the slipstream enhancement kit here. To win, first there is a couple of things you must do:

1) find our button somewhere on the site (in an article).
2) when found, click on it to e-mail us.
3) e-mail us where you found it (URL) and your contact info.
4) sign up for our newsletter, the winners will be announced via it.

That's it! and good luck. By the way, the slipstream enhancement pack is valued at over $25, and don't worry we pay for the shipping.

Contest duration - 7/5/1999 - 7/14/1999

Contest Winner - Stefan Huber












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