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"Aside from that the AI of sidekicks is pretty swish, they can follow you through cramped tunnels..."

From here on the games weaponry and AI as well as level design improves enough to actually bring the player some notable enjoyment. There are still areas that require you to move over VAST distances just to solve a single puzzle, however these are few, annoying all the same. Another trait of DK is the save system, you have to physically collect a 'save gem' in order to create a spare save slot. Gems can be gathered, stored and then used whenever the situation calls for it. An interesting idea and one that seems to work reasonably well.

Sidekicks play an important role in DK, albeit a role manufactured by the developers, such as needing two people to stand on a pressure sensitive slab to open a door. On the whole we found the sidekicks to be more annoying than helpful in heated firefights, blissfully unaware, they often walk strait into your fire lines or generally block the view. You spend at least half of the game watching over them to make sure things don't get cocked up again.

Aside from that the AI of sidekicks is pretty swish, they can follow you through cramped tunnels, climb ladders and engaged enemies with quite some ferocity. The real problem is simply that they aren't much use for 90% of the game; it'd be wonderful if they helped complete objectives but instead can only perform inane tasks such as attack or retreat etc.

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