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Everglide Giganta

"It seems one of the hardest items to review would be a mousing surface."

It seems one of the hardest items to review would be a mousing surface. The simplicity of the pad makes it both difficult to analyze and yet easy to test. The latest offering from Everglide, the Giganta, is just that.

Everglide, a company known for their incredibly well designed mouse pads is at it yet again. Their Giganta mouse pad is simply a larger, more rectangular shaped version of their other pads (namely the large attack pad). Arriving in an eloquent blue color, this pad definitely will stand out on your desktop, and inspire awe to those whom have never seen one of these babies before.

The surface

While most mousing surfaces are made using a cloth over a rubber backing, the Everglide pads are quite different. Constructed of compressed, extruded, theroform, high density, polyethylene resin, these pads offer much greater precision (well, slipperiness) than most other pads on the market. In addition the pad has a micro-beveled edge and 5 strategically placed traction feet to make sure that the pad does not move in times of heavy fragging.

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