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"Its so quiet I barely even knew that it was running when I booted my system up."

The HD200 Hard Drive cooler from 2cooltek is one of the best hard drive coolers I have ever come across. This thing keeps you hard drive cooler, which in effect keeps the whole system cooler. It doesnít bring any dust into your computer by using an easy to clean filter. Its so quiet I barely even knew that it was running when I booted my system up. I may have thought this (that it was so quiet) because I have about 3 fans in my system as it is an my case is about 5 feet away from me. You may notice more noise coming from your computer if you donít currently have any fans installed in your computer, but nothing major.

Installation was easy but not as simple as it should have been. Some instructions would have definitely been nice. Iím still kind of mind boggled that their is no instructions in the box. I mean come on Orbitron the least you could have done was include some instructions. Guess you can't have everything. The Hd200 Cooler effectively cools the hard drive, does it quietly, and keeps out the dust. What about price? That is just one more good thing about this hard drive cooler. You can buy if for $14.50 from 2cooltek. That is one sweet price for such a good cooler. I am giving it an 8 for performance because there should have been more cold air on the hard drive. The cooler also should have dissipated more heat from the hard drive.

Its getting an 8 for price, because wow, I would have paid $30 for this thing to last 2 years. Not $120 for it to last 2 years. But overall its getting a 7. Yea its pretty quiet, effective, and doesnít cost a lot. But the company was obviously saving money by not including instructions. Just one other note, 2cooltek just sells this cooler, so donít blame them for not including any instructions. The company to blame for not including any instructions is Orbitron. I just remembered that I have passed over an important topic. Durability. For 2 days the cooler has worked fine for me. Besides some occasionally funny noises everything has been going smooth. This prompted me to ask some other people how long the hard drive cooler lasts in the long run. I canít say who I asked but I can say they didnít like this cooler. They said that all of the HD200 Coolers have not last long at all. Just how long do they last then? Well typically the average response from the people I asked was only last 3-4 months. Not very good. A cooler should last a year at least running 24hrs a day/7days a week. That is unacceptable. After I got that bad news, I made sure to measure the size of the fans and each of the three fans was 4cm by 4cm by 1cm. We shall see how that compares to the competition. There is not a lot wrong with this cooler except the fact that it doesnít last very long which fans the fans are not that high-quality after all.

by Kevin Perko

Price - 8.0 Performance - 8.0 Overall - 7.0

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