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"The matter of which one should buy these things is a mixed bag."

Does it work?

The matter of which one should buy these things is a mixed bag. We tested this Skatez on a generic Logitech First Mouse+, and a Razor Boomslang, both tested whilst gliding on an Everglide Giganta, and a normal felt mouse pad. Considering that the Razor's mouse feet were already made of a similar substance we didn't notice much of a difference at all with the Razor mouse. However, when applying them to the Logitech mouse a huge difference was noticed. Not only did the mouse glide almost 100% more efficiently (on both of our mouse surfaces), but it also made a world of difference while riding on the felt surface.

Final Verdict

Overall this is another fine mouse product from Everglide. While not that great when used in conjunction with a high performance mouse and pad, the Mouse Skatez do wonders for users of traditional mice and pads. At a price of $6.95 for two strips of Mouse Skatez and an alcohol swab (for cleaning), that's enough to cover 2-3 mice, which isn't bad at all.

by Ryan Wissman

Price - 7.0 Performance 7.5 Overall - 7.0/10

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