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Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed

"As racing games go, the 'Need For Speed' has a history of perfection..."

As racing games go, the 'Need For Speed' has a history of perfection, it's first incarnation on the 3DO shun a light down the road for all potential followers to witness. With its detailed and lovingly textured landscapes, fast cars, varied locations and almost perfect control, the 'Need For Speed' rocked the charts. In fact it was so good that it wouldn't even feel out of place on one of today's monster machines.

From that moment on it quickly ported to just about every other system in existence before finally a sequel arrived. The second incarnation was even better than the first and a year after its release was given the 3dfx treatment with an SE (Special Edition) version and suddenly shot back up the charts. However, since then it's been downhill, the 3rd was innovative but far to similar to the previous games and the 4th seemed just like the 3rd with different tracks and cars.

As the fifth finally arrives we can't help but ask, has EA yet again managed to produce a perfect clone or is it finally something more innovative and original that's really going to rock chickens! The short and simple answer is, YES!

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