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"Q3As bots act as though they didn't care about their team-mates..."

Single player consists of you working your way up 'tiers', every tier has harder and more opponents than the last, along with new and more varied levels. When you first start playing Q3A the initial levels will seem bland and rather un-interesting, by the time you reach tier three that has all changed. They change from being strangely lit medieval wonders to gigantic metallic beasts with all manors of reflective surfaces and sexy lighting. You quickly begin to become enthralled in the homemade universe around you and loose track of reality, at least for a few hours.

The AI (Artificial Intelligence) in your opponents and teammates at their respective game modes is certainly challenging and sometimes frustrating. The rewards come as your various armourments blast them into huge piles of floating blood, killing four people at one time with a rocket produces an interesting rain effect. However Q3As bot AI lacks the feel and flow of that found in UT (Unreal Tournament), the bots seem primarily designed for Deathmatch and so don't fit well to teamplay or CTF.


Q3As bots act as though they didn't care about their team-mates, in a real game you often see people going to help their friends, defend them and often go off in pairs (as per UT) but not in Q3A. No real let down though because a simple gamespy hunt and connection gets you all the teamplay one could ever desire, unless you really don't have Internet access, but then you won't be reading this if you don't.

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