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Star Trek: Armada

"Star Trek: Armada can only be described as Command & Conquer (C&C) in space..."

Have you ever wanted to leap behind the controls of the 'USS Defiant' or steer Captain Pikcard into a quantum flux singularity, even if just to put a stop to his annoying babbling and fancy for opera music? Well us too and lets face it, the only reason most people even watch the show is to see which poor alien species is going to get it this time. Not many of us really care if Worf ever becomes a warrior or Data decides to run amok and do the dirty thing with counsellor Troy (ok we might watch the last one).

Over the years we have come to accept that very few Star Trek games ever make the grade outside of their usual 'Adventure' style roles. However a Tidal shift has begun that's beginning to cause quantum flux patterns on the hull and neutron bursts through the plasma injectors. Such a shift can only mean one thing, that a Star Trek game has arrived and one so awesome in its destructive force that it threatens our very existence, so anybody for the pub?

She can't take it cap'in

Star Trek: Armada can only be described as Command & Conquer (C&C) in space with awesome 3D effects and depth. Right from the word go we knew this game was going to be something special, finally one that forgoes the inane story lines of the past and concentrates solely on the 'blast those bloody aliens' factor, wooohooo!

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