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Supreme Snowboarding

"Supreme Snowboard is as you might have guess by now, a snowboarding game."

Hands up who has ever felt the soft spiky cold of tiny particles as they pitter-patter your face while whooshing down a mountainside? How about as you crouch close to the snow so that you appear to almost be flying over a white water? Ok then, what about swooping down the beginner's course at a steady speed only to fall over, get hit by things and end up breaking your leg? Yes? Good because that's the way it should be.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could all experience the thrill of Snow Boarding without the pain and embarrassment that accompany the sometimes-lengthy learning periods? Or go from looking like a Michelin man to looking like a techno stylistic dude on the slopes that wears silly clothes and can actually board? Yes? Good because now you can!

Lets Board BABY! YEAH!

Supreme Snowboard is as you might have guess by now, a snowboarding game. While boarding games are never likely to capture the true feeling and adrenalin rush behind the real sport, nobody said they wouldn't try. Little known developer 'Housemarque' were one of a few that said yes when asked to create a game based around Snowboarding, now after many months they have finally released what is tipped as one of the best snowboard games ever, so is it?

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