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"Installation of the Ultra Thin Exhauster was extremely easy."

Installation of the Ultra Thin Exhauster was extremely easy. I was able to install it in under 5 minutes. Since installation was so easy I will not go into the specifics except to say, anyone can install this hard drive cooler. The instructions that it came with were fine for the cooler, but nothing great. After all it didnít really need any but if you didnít know what you were doing they wouldíve helped you. Now we will cover the topic of noise. To say it simply. There was no noise? I didnít expect it to produce any noise if any. Since this thing is so small I wondered how it could possibly produce any noise. Needless to say if noise is your biggest concern, then this is one of the quietest coolers that I have ever tested.

Onto the important topics now. Cooling Effect and then the Ratings. The Ultra Thin Exhauster (UTE) cools your hard drive by using the following method. It simply attaches to the bottom of your drive and blows the hot air off the hard drive. By using this method to cool your hard drive the UTE effectively cools the hottest part of your hard drive. I know the following is off topic, but I couldnít help myself. The UTE is just simply one unique hard drive cooler. To start things off itís the smallest and thinnest cooler that I have reviewed or ever seen. Iím talking about hard drive coolers just to let you know. After this, it's the easiest and fastest cooler to install that I have ever reviewed. After it does all this, it's specially designed to blow the hot air off the bottom of the drive. A concept that I have not seen before (blowing air off bottom of drive) in hard drive coolers. It also takes up no extra room in your computer case which is a big plus.

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