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Here at Speedy 3D we strive to bring you the best possible computer news, reviews, previews and guides!


- Editor-in-Chief & Site Owner

Please send all requests for news posts , not directly to me.

About Speedy 3D

Speedy 3D's staff consists only of gamers and hard-core "techies" to bring you the best possible computer related content. Our reviews, previews, articles, and whatever else we write are always thoroughly researched, and well written, and extremely accurate to help create the best content possible on a gaming web site. Here are some of the many awards we've won:

Originally established in November of 1998, Speedy 3D has become a well respected site in the computer gaming and hardware technology community. Before becoming what we are today, Speedy 3D was originally called Ryan's 3D Game Guide (on angelfire), Speedy 3D is what we have been since March of 1999. We have also gone through numerous redesigns until moving to the domain www.speedy3d.com

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