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"Somehow both chip makers come out equal..."


Somehow both chip makers come out equal, had this been one or two years hence then the situation would have been very different. Intel would be far in the lead with AMD fumbling behind; just shows how times can change. Read our comments and see whether you agree with them or not, to help you, here's a summary:

1) Speed - Equal (Both are equal if you consider all the factors).
2) Cost - AMD (Has always been better priced).
3) Stability - AMD (Surprisingly AMD is more stable than Intel).
4) Compatibility - Intel (Do we even need to say anything =]).
5) Choices/Options - Intel (Always ahead, no arguments on that).

Some may or may not agree but you can't deny that our findings are fairly conclusive on this matter. Sure some of you may have found something a different way but then not everybody is the same. We just found the majority agreed with ours. Thanks to Mike, Chris, Russel.B, Tom and Sander for helping us investigate this issue.

We hope you enjoyed the last of our editorials on anything related to the current generation of CPUs, please remember that an editorial is one or several peoples personal views and not any kind of 'official' or 'political' statement. Take what we say with a pinch of salt because it's just for fun.

by Mark 'KILLZAT' Jackson

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