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"So the Alpha wins again, but not by much."


Both of these units are very large and you may have some trouble with their size. I tested both units on a BE6-II since it's known for having space issues. With the Alpha, the first DIMM slot is blocked. This leaves you only two slots left. With the VOS32, the heatsink itself doesn't block any DIMM slot but the fans could. The memory I use doesn't fit with the heatsinks, and the fans blocked two of my DIMM slots. This left me with only one open DIMM slot.


I tested both heatsinks on a SECC2 P2 400, using an Abit BE6-II motherboard. I played the Unreal flyby demo for about 20 minutes to heat up the CPU. All tests were done in an open case. On the Alpha, the fans are supposed to suck air out but some have reported better performance with the fans blowing in. So I decided to test it both ways. Here are the results:

Globalwin VOS32 29.1C
Alpha P3-125 fans sucking 28.8C
Alpha P3-125 fans blowing 28.2C

So the Alpha wins again, but not by much. On average, not even a full degree C. The difference is so small that I would call it a draw.

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