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"My entire games collection ran super speedy with the TNT2 + Athlon combo firmly in-hand"

For a start the USB port seems to play up when you attach a Mouse (haven't tried other devices yet), it seems to let you use the Mouse for a couple of minutes before completely disconnecting it so that it just stops dead on the screen. This doesn't bother me so much because I'm happy with my 'Serial' Mouse but it is still annoying as I paid good money for this MS Mouse. You'd also expect an MS Mouse to work with an MS O/S properly and it has done under Intel based systems. I fiddled with the BIOS, installed the proper drivers and it still did it. To this day it still does and if anybody knows why then please let me know how to fix it.

Further problems

There's not a doubt in my mind that this Athlon can outpace a P3-550 and even P3-600 of similar set-up. My entire games collection ran super speedy with the TNT2 + Athlon combo firmly in-hand. I'm pleased to see that the Athlon isn't just a firm CPU, it can also push 3D like no other CPU I have ever seen and is easily a worthy upgrade for even the upper mid range 500 that I have. However if you're an emulation enthusiast then beware because as many will know, AMD CPUs and emulation do not always go hand in hand as with any Intel CPU. I found several N64 Emulators and PlayStation ones either didn't work or don't run (bleem! / nemu etc.), as they would have previously.

I also found the new IDE UDMA-4 Bus didn't get along with my Creative DVDx6 drive, for some reason it suddenly became incompatible with certain CDs and would go so far as to hang the entire system while it tried to access them. In putting the drive back into my P3-450 I found it worked perfectly, odd to say the least. Aside from those annoying problems, which are quite a serious hindrance, I loved it. The Athlon is a speedy set-up; it's well made and very stable but does seem to have a couple of small problems with USB and the IDE controller. Thankfully most people won't be in a situation to notice this and will find their system as happy as a spring bunny with wet dew on the grass.

Here ends this months editorial, expect a full review of the Creative encore DVDx6 Kit in the coming days. Contact me if you know how to fix this USB + Mouse problem. In addition, sorry if I made any mistakes in this editorial, I didn't have the time to go through it =(

by Mark 'KILLZAT' Jackson

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