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"Since the slot-bands are not straight, they will need to be adjusted before they are ready for mounting."

The Process

The first obstacle, is how to get the fan mounted stable inside the case while pointing upward. Slot-bands, the small metal strips that cover up unused slots on a case work incredible for mounting fans. In most situations, after installation of a sound card, modem, etc, there are plenty of these left over. These work particularly well due to the rivet holes on the ends. For this project, only two will be needed.

Since the slot-bands are not straight, they will need to be adjusted before they are ready for mounting. Carefully rest the body of the cover on the table, with the angled end dangling off the side. Clamp down on the body of the cover with your hand, and grasp the end with the pliers.

Slowly, bend the end downwards until it is straight with the rest of the slot-cover. You may need to place some fine adjustments to get the slot cover completely straight. Repeat this process with the second slot cover.

The next step is to attach the mounting bands to the fan itself. Any glue that is adhesive to plastic or metal should work. I used normal super glue, which I found, at my local hardware store. Carefully line up the end of the band, with the end of the fan. This will aid in keeping both bands at the same length. The important thing to remember is the more surface area that the bands and the fan touch the more stable it will be. Remember that an unstable gluing job could result in the fan coming lose and crashing down on whatever cards are below it.

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