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"...it [the slot fan] made an impressive 4 degree drop on the Leadtek Geforce2."

Geforce 2 Temperatures

While having a cooler case and CPU is important, slot-fans are most effective when placed under high heat yielding video cards. The Geforce2 by itself runs quite hot, even before overclocking. I placed the Abit on the underside of the heatsink, right next to the GPU itself in order to get the most accurate results. After running a game of quake3 in 1024x768x32 high quality settings, for an hour I checked the probe temperature.


While the slot-fan doesn't make a huge difference in CPU or case temperatures (a 1 degree difference at most), it made an impressive 4 degree drop on the Leadtek Geforce2, which has a very large heatsink on it as it is. Bottom line, if you have an extra 80mm fan lying around, you can keep your video card nice and cool for no extra cost.

by Ross Johnson

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