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"Video cards, TV Tuner's, Hardware DVD cards, all often get quite hot..."

Cooling Specific Hardware

While having a front intake fan and a rear outtake fan helps, it doesn't always cool your components efficiently. It is common for some cards to get extremely hot, even though they come with a factory heatsink. Video cards, TV Tuner's, Hardware DVD cards, all often get quite hot, in turn raising your case temperature and possibly causing damage to the card itself. For cooling cards nothing beats the CardCooler .

The CardCooler is equipped with two 80mm fans, each rated to run at 2650rpm. Together, they push an impressive 68.8cfm of air. The cooler is designed to blow air on 4 of your AGP/PCI/ISA slots. Effectively Engineered to screw in on the side of your case, it conveniently doesn't take up a PCI/ISA slot. Not only does it cool your cards, but it also creates more general airflow and creates an overall cooler case.

The CardCooler blows air over 4 of your ISA/PCI/AGP slots, keeping important devices such as video cards and hardware DVD/TV decoders nice and cool

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