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"At least sand the beige paint with rough sanding paper to get an abrasive surface."

At this point I was pretty discouraged. If it took me one and a half hours just to do what is left of my top plate, just imagine how much time it would have taken me to do the side panels. This is when I got a visit from Lady Luck. My friend Marty paid me a visit while I was grinding my top plate; he works in a Honda garage as a mechanic. I explained what I was doing to him and he offered is help. At Honda they use industrial grinders, which are meant to grind car parts. I gave him my side panels and he brought them back to me the next day with no trace of paint on them. It took him about 20 minutes to do. This certainly saved me a couple of hours. Thanks a bunch Mart!

If you don't have a good friend who works in a car shop or if you simply don't feel like spending hours grinding this ugly beige paint, there are some easier ways to prepare your case for painting. At least sand the beige paint with rough sanding paper to get an abrasive surface. This will help the new paint to stick well to the old one. Some also use a primer before applying new paint. I never tried this myself but apparently it work very well.

Now there is the bezel we need to prepare before painting. The first step is to take it completely apart. Here is what my bezel looked like after doing this:

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