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"It will also look cool as hell on the front of your case."

That's it for the CompuNurse itself. But we aren't done. The battery needs a little modification too. Get your battery and another piece of electrical wire; I suggest using a different color. You have to connect the wire to the positive side of the battery. You also have to make sure that the battery won't touch the positive lead of the CompuNurse. That's why I surrounded the battery with electrical tape as well.

We can now rebuild the unit. Reinstall the LCD and the circuit board back in place. Note that you have to install the battery BEFORE closing the back plate of the CompuNurse. Make the two wires come out of the box on the side, under the mounting clips.

We are almost done. Place the switch and your CompuNurse on the 5-face plate. Now connect both batteries to one of the leads of the switch. And as you have probably guessed, connect the two CompuNurse to the second lead of the switch. Again, you may want to solder the wire in place. Heatshrink also work very well. That's it!

You can now turn those little CompuNurses on or off at will. It will also look cool as hell on the front of your case. Any comments or questions? Send them in.

by Jean-Chrsitophe Turcot

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