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"Alpha is probably the most respected heatsink company among overclockers."

Now here are the results I got with the same heatsinks but using some different fan combinations:

Model Fan(s) Ambient Cold Side Performance
Alpha P3125 2x 60mm Delta 20.1 -12.8 32.9
Globalwin VOS323 2x 60mm Delta 18.7 -14 2.7
Globalwin VOS-32 2x 60mm YStech 18.7 -13 31.7
Alpha P3125 2x 60mm YStech 19.2 -12.1 31.3
Alpha P3125 2x 60mm Sanyo Denki 19.7 -11.1 30.8
Globalwin FLK-38 2x 60mm Delta 19.7 -10.6 30.3
Globalwin FLK-32 2x 60mm Ystech 18.3 -10.6 28.9
Globalwin FLK-38 1x 60mm Delta 18.1 -10.4 28.5
RDJD K702 2x 50x15mm 21.1 -7.4 28.5
Vantec K7D-5032 2x 50x20mm Top Motor 20.9 -6.9 27.8
Globalwin FLK-32 1x 60mm YStech 18.7 -2.8 26.9
Globalwin VGS-08 2x 50x20mm Top Motor 19.7 -4 23.7
Vantec P3D-5030 2x 50mm YStech 19.9 -3.7 23.6
Globalwin VGS-08 2x 50mm 18.7 -3.9 22.6
Thermaltake Golden Orb 1x 50x20mm 23.3 1.6 21.7

On top of this chart we have the living proof that this test is not perfect. The Alpha beat the VOS32 with Delta fans but the VOS32 beat the Alpha with YStech fans, go figure.

Name/code: P3-125
Manufacturer: Alpha Novatech
Format: SECC2
Retail fan(s): 2x 60mm Sanyo Denki

2x 60mm Sanyo Denki : 30.8
2x 60mm YS Tech : 31.3
2x 60mm Delta : 32.9

Alpha is probably the most respected heatsink company among overclockers. You can only get heatsink of the highest quality from this company. Unfortunately this quality has its price, which is pretty high.

Name/code : VOS32
Manufacturer : Globalwin
Format : SECC2, SECC
Retail fan(s) : 2x 60mm YS Tech

2x 60mm YS Tech : 31.7
2x 60mm Delta : 32.7

The VOS32 is definitely the heatsink, which has the best price to performance ratio of all time. For about 30$ it offers some Alpha performance. It's also the only heatsink that I know of which can be used on both SECC and SECC2 CPUs. The engineers at Globalwin can really be proud of this baby!

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