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"Many people consider the Celeron as good as, if not better then the Pentium2 since it is so overclockable."

Many people consider the Celeron as good as, if not better then the Pentium 2 since it is so overclockable. The Celeron has 32kb of Level 1 cache which is exactly the same amount as the Pentium 2/3 processors. The other big difference, that sort of has stopped the Celeron in a way, is this, the reduced 66mhz FSB (front-side bus speed) compared to the P2/3ís bus speed of 100mhz. With P2's you can use the industry standard PC100 RAM with a 100MHZ bus, but with Celeron's you can use either 66-mhz SDRAM, or 100MHz SDRAM.

One disadvantage that Intel has eliminated, is that the Celeronís motherboards now have an AGP (Advanced Graphics Processing) slot. The earlier motherboard chipsets that Intel produced (the EX and LX) didnít have an AGP slot. They added an AGP slot with the addition of the ZX chipset to it's line of Celeron processors. (Below is a picture of the socket 370 celeron). This type of celeron uses the PPGA (plastic pin grid array.

The socket 370 celeron looks very similar to the original pentiums doesn't it? Even the mainbords that the socket 370 celeron runs on look nearly identical to the older pentium' mainboards. (below is a picture of a socket 370 mainboard).

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