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"An overclocked video card is often easy to diagnose."

Ram is a close second to the processor, in terms of importance of stability. While the processor will determine if you can get into windows or not, if the ram is running to high it will get errors and everything will come crashing down. Because ram can work fine through some situations while overclocked, and not others, two tests are needed to ensure complete stability. The first test is a dos-mode operational tester dubbed "GoldMemory". It is a quick and easy program to discover any memory errors, incompatibility between modules and motherboards, and wrong working temperature. The second test is incorporated in the previous program, BurnIn. Testing through BurnIn discovers if the ram is able to function properly on the Operating System Level. Obviously this is important due to everything being based around your Operating System.

[Download GoldMemory]

1. Unzip the contents onto a normal floppy drive
2. Reboot with the disk in the floppy drive (goldmemory will automatically boot-up and begin testing your ram for errors)
3. After the program is finished, take the disk out and reboot once again for the final ram test.

The second test goes back to Passmark's BurnIn program.

1. Reopen BurnIn
2. Configuration > Test duty Cycles
3. Uncheck everything but RAM
4. Slide the bar beneath it up to 100.
5. Start the BurnIn stress test, check back in about thirty minutes to see the results.

An overclocked video card is often easy to diagnose. When it becomes a common trend that games are locking up, it's a sure sign that overheating is causing instability. While easy to diagnose, who wants to have games locking up for a week before being able to be sure it's the video card? 3Dmark2000 not only benchmarks the gaming performance of your computer, it also highly stresses your video card. There are tests incorporated in 3Dmark2000 that bring even the fastest video cards to their knees.

[Get 3Dmark2000]

This package tests abusively large textures, which stresses the video card memory, as well as the AGP bus. Extremely high filtrate demo's which stress the video chipset itself. Multiple texture and lighting (also known as T&L) demo's, including software, and hardware (when available). It even has some more exotic tests, such as bump mapping. We recommend five consecutive tests, using the standard benchmark, to be sure that the video card gets an extensive testing. To do this:

1. Fire-up 3Dmark2000
2. File > new
3. Change the selected tests, and enable all of them
4. Change the looping, set it to
5, and tick "Looping" 5. Click the Benchmark button

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