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"As more and more games come out supporting high resolution texture, make sure your graphics card can handle them."

As you can see the 512x512 resolution texture is much sharper and clearer then the sample taken at 256x256. There is quite a bit more noticeable detail, and it looks much more realistic. Here is another sample using the same conditions as the first samples, 256x256 is on the left, and 512x512 is on the right. Notice how much more realistic the gun looks. Click for a larger image.


Here is a short list of games that will be supporting or already are supporting some high resolution textures (512x512):

Quake 3 Arena
Unreal Tournament
F.A.K.K 2
?*Amen: The Awakening
?*Max Payne

With more and more cool little features being included in both upcoming games and graphic processors, make sure your next choice in graphics card support features like ;environmental bump mapping, higher resolution textures, bump mapping, 32bit color, has a stencil buffer and doesn't just accelerate the old features at really fast speeds. Hmm....I wonder who does that?

by Ryan Wissman

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