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Welcome to CMRC, the Case Modification Resource Center.

This section of Speedy3D is dedicated to all who are interested in case modification. You won't find any new material here. Instead, you will find links to an impressive amount of publications from around the net. Articles, guides, how-tos, reviews, tips... if it's related to case modification, you will find it here.

To facilitate your search, I separated all the articles I could find in four basic categories. This database also allows one to vote on the quality of each article on a scale of 1-10, it would be great if you could do that after you've finished reading an article.

Case Reviews: All the case reviews I could find, sorted by brands.

Pre-Moded Case Reviews: Don't have the resources to mod your own? Or you are just too lazy? These are your alternatives.

Case Mod Gear Reviews: It's related to case mod, it's getting reviewed, but it's not a case. It's in here for sure.

Case Modification Articles: Basically anything related to case mod which is not a review. Guides, example, how-tos, you name it. This is where you learn how to break stuff.

If you have any piece of article which you think belongs here, send the URL and a short description of the article to casemod@speedy3d.net, it would be even better if you could use the automated "suggest a link" page located in the upper right hand corner of each category. It will be included in the next update.

If you find any mistakes or broken links, if you have complains or suggestions, I want to hear from you.

Thanks and enjoy!

Last updated: 06/20/01
Total links: 550+

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