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Win an Actiontec call waiting modem

"Is it worth it? Yes! Never miss a call and surf the net on one phone line!"

Today, we have decided to give away one actiontec call waiting modem to one lucky reader. This product from actiontec is a call waiting modem that let's you receive calls while you are online. Read our review of the external callwaiting modem here. To win, first there is a couple of things you must do:

1) Read the review of the Call waiting modem.
2) Anwer these 3 simple questions.

3) e-mail us with the correct answers, and contact info.
4) sign up for our newsletter, the winners will be announced via it.

That's it! and good luck. By the way, the actiontec external call waiting modem is valued at over $100!. Also, don't worry we pay for the shipping.

Contest duration - 8/7/1999 - 8/15/1999

Contest Winner - Qball

Contest Questions:

1) Does this modem support the Linux OS?

2) Can the Actiontec Call Waiting Modem receive phone calls while online & maintain your Internet Connection ?

3) What is the modem's final rating?








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