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Duron 700 Key Chain

"What else is a broken duron good for?"

Breaking stuff is not fun (well, in this case anyway). When a brand spanking new AMD Duron 700MHz CPU gets crushed like a bug under a heatsink one tends to want to take a sledge hammer and make it feel your wrath. But why do that when you can have a nifty (and geeky) key chain instead? While this isn't a $250 1.2GHz Athlon, walking around with a $65 Duron on your key chain isn't cheap either, especially when the money comes out of your own pocket. But hey, what can you do?


Anyway, we thought we'd give you guys a chance to win this cool little key chain. Sorry for the somewhat crappy soldering job.

TO ENTER: Simply send an e-mail to contest@speedy3d.net, with duron 700 in the subject line. We'll get back to you if you've won.

Make sure you read the rules. Please only enter one time.

Also, like many other websites out there today we are in a major financial crunch. We would be eternally grateful if you could take the time to donate a small amount ($1 ok?) if you enjoy our content, and want to help us recover the cost of the Durons. Just check out the two methods on the right. Thanks :)

Contest Duration - 3/18/01 - 3/25/01

Contest Winner - Lord J


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