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"Right out of the box, you get full scene AA on all the titles you have."

Q6: Tell me a little bit about the new “T-Buffer” 3dfx is going to incorporate into their next generation product.

Here is the short version. Right out of the box, you get full scene AA on all the titles you have. It is a check box in our property page, just click at and your edges are smooth and jaggies are gone. Immediately every game you have has improved image quality. We are also working with developers to support our cinematic features like motion blur, focal point, and soft reflections/shadows in their upcoming titles. We have a ton of info and a white paper at www.3dfx.com.

Q7: Are there any game developers that are planning on implementing the “T-Buffer” into their next generation games? Will it be incorporated into Microsoft's Direct X?

We have a proposal at Microsoft to get the T-buffer’s cinematic effects added as extensions to Direct X, similar to how you add new features to OpenGL. We are waiting to hear back. DirectX already supports full scene AA. We have always been very successful working with developers. Here are a few of the sample quotes from developers, I will let then speak for themselves:

  • “3dfx has always taken the lead in delivering compelling features to the gaming community without compromising performance. The T-Buffer technology will allow us to deliver yet another major leap in visual quality at the usual raging-on frame rates from 3dfx.”
    • Scott Cronce, vice president of technology, Electronic Arts

  • "Today’s games heavily rely on the ability to differentiate themselves through their intelligent use of 3D graphics and graphics effects. This will become more apparent in the future. While frame rate and resolution are important to running smoothly and delivering crisp images, the digital effects that 3dfx enables will greatly improve our ability to create immersive gameplay. We intend to use this new technology from 3dfx to its fullest.”
    • Malcolm Johnson, director of technology, Lucas Arts

  • "Epic Games is known for it's innovative games and special effects. Motion blur and depth of field are cinematic effects employed by the film industry for years. The ability to achieve real-time effects such as these on a consumer graphics product is exciting indeed. Unreal Tournament will look amazing with full-scene anti-aliasing."
    • Tim Sweeney, director of technology, Epic Games

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