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"It is on schedule for Q1 and everything looks good."

Q11: What is your favorite game of all time? Come on there must be one. =)

For the PC, I-76 is the only game I ever finished. It was great. Driving, blowing-up and easy to follow mission based play. Unreal Tournament and Quake 3 on the net are also very, very addictive. Of all time, that tabletop Atari Football game that I grew up on in the arcade. The one with the xs and os for players and the big cue ball for a trackball was the coolest thing ever. I also still have a soft spot for TechnoBowl on the original Nintendo.

Q12: So, Whats up with 3dfxs next generation product? Is it on schedule? What can we expect from it?

It is on schedule for Q1 and everything looks good. Expect the next big thing!

Q13: Finally, what do you think of Nvidias GeForce 256 line of products? What is 3dfxs plan on competing with it?

I havent seen one yet so it is hard to say. From the reviews I have seen it looks like it doesnt give you a big jump in performance for what they are charging. The T & L is really cool, but with no titles it is hard to show it off. When the titles come out, they may be already shipping another part, and our new card will be out for sure.

We have seen their specs and we know what are specs are going to be and we are confident that we will be the performance leader when all the cards are released.


I would like to thank Brian Burke for taking his valuable time to do this interview with us. Hopefully no we all know what to expect, and when to expect it with 3dfx's next generation product, in Brian's own words, "Expect the next big thing."

And I will.

by Ryan Wissman

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