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"We're close enough that we can taste it. And we're on schedule."

Speedy 3D: Tell me a little bit about this new race you are implementing.

Chris Stewart: The Beast is a distributed intelligence that uses nano-robotic spores to infest space faring vessels. As a result they can take over enemy ships and make them their own. Unlike salvaging, which requires resources to haul a ships back to a command vessel for conversion, the Beast can take over and use a ship on the spot. And also unlike salvaging, if the Beast does return a captured ship to a command ship, any technologies it contains can be reversed engineered and them used as upgrades for the ships of the Beast fleet.


Speedy 3D: How far along is are you on Cataclysm, and is the game on schedule?

Chris Stewart: We're close enough that we can taste it. And we're on schedule.

Speedy 3D: Do you think the Homeworld universe/engine will ever expand to the point where you can take over vessels and fire their guns or pilot them?

Chris Stewart: That's an interesting possibility. It's probably not something that will happen soon though. Relic has a smart RTS game and it would be strange of them to shift gameplay so radically.

Special thanks go out to Chris Stewart for taking the time to do this interview with us.

by Ryan Wissman & Mark 'KILLZAT' Jackson

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