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"Do you think a big performance increase will be achieved by going from a 128bit bus to a 256bit bus?"

KP: Does Nvidia have any future plans to implement something like SLI on any of your future chipsets?

DP: I think that SLI is something NVIDIA will look into, but it will not be a focus of the company's.

KP: Do you think a big performance increase will be achieved by going from a 128bit bus to a 256bit bus?

DP: Of course...bigger is always better....right?

KP: Will we see a big performance gain(tnt2/ultra) from demanding games once AGP 4X motherboards come out?

DP: I think AGP 4X will be a good think for the industry; as AGP 2X gave users a performance increase, AGP 4X will do the same thing.

KP: Can you disclose any information to us about your chipset after Nv10? Its Internal Name?

DP: Come on now you know I canít discuss unreleased products.

KP: Are you continuing to optimize your newest drivers for AMDís 3D-NOW! Do you have a solid relationship with AMD? Do you feel that your company has done a lot to optimize your drivers for 3D NOW! And will you continue into the future?

DP: With our latest version of the detonator drivers, 1.88 which can be downloaded off www.nvidia.com, we have full AMD optimizations. Together, with AMD, we've worked long and hard to get these together and you will find that they do give quite a performance boost. We have a very close relationship with AMD, as we do with Intel and others throughout the industry

KP: Is it possible to use a higher color depth than 32-bit?

DP: this is a difficult answer....it takes some getting used to. Reason being is that you can go higher...but there isn't a benefit. It takes some getting into....Let's pass on this one. This question will be discussed in a later Interview with Derek.

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