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"They also have high hopes for AGP4x to accelerate graphics bandwidth."

KP: Will full-scene anti-aliasing be possible in the future?

DP: Yes...full screen anti aliasing will be possible in the future

KP: Where do you see the image quality of 3D graphics in 5 years?

DP: Bigger, Better, Faster...no really. I think in 5 years you will be able to generate the same images on your desktop, in real-time that you see in Toy Story or Jurassic Park. The good thing about graphics is that isn’t never-ending...you can always get better graphics.

KP: Has the Vanta chipset been a big-seller? Has it done better or worse than you expected?

DP: The Vanta has been a great seller for us, I can honestly say it's done much better than expected and we expect it to continue to be a top seller.

KP: Has Nvidia considered developing their own API?

DP: We will continue to support OpenGL and Direct X...there's no need to develop our own API.

From this interview you can take that Nvidia’s fall chip will have T & L . Their TNT2 and Vanta chipsets have been and will continue to be huge success. Nvidia is making big money considering their products are doing better than they expected. They also have high hopes for AGP4x to accelerate graphics bandwidth. Expect Nvidia’s fall chip to blow you out of the water, literally. I personally and the whole Speedy 3D staff would like to thank Derek Perez for giving us your time to do this interview via ICQ. It took about an hour and man is one slow typer =).

by Kevin Perko

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