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Interview with Derek Perez of Nvidia

"How many OEM design wins have you had?"

Yesterday Derek Perez was kind enough to share some of his time for an interview with me, Kevin Perko, of Speedy 3D’s time. We will be discussing main issues such as the future of 3D graphics and acceleration and Nvidia’s Corporate Strategy.

Kevin Perko: What do you think is the future of 3D Acceleration in general?

Derek Perez: I believe that you will see graphics processors get "bigger, better, and faster" as time goes on. Better realism, hair will start to look and move like human hair, arm and leg joints will move, feet will actually move off of the floor when walking instead of sliding across the floor.

KP: Graphics cards used to be turned out quite slowly, these days we can see two new cards from the same company in the space of one year. Do you think it is a good thing that all of us PC Users have to continually upgrade just so we can play the best looking and playing(fun) games?

DP: I do believe that it is good that end-users have the option to upgrade their PC twice a year. Technological advancements are good in our industry. Remember, we are on the same release schedule as the CPU industry is, therefore twice a year we will have a new product to release. In the fall, a new architecture and in the spring an upgrade to that fall part.

KP: 3dfx is always trying to go that one bit better than Nvidia and it's next chip looks set to just break ahead of yours, do you think your next chipset can beat 3dfx's when it comes to the crunch?

DP: I'm not sure what 3dfx has up their sleeve for the fall, but I do know that we have captured the title of technological leader and we plan to retain that title.

KP: How big of Nvidia's profit are design wins from companies like Gateway and Dell?

DP: Our OEM's represent a large part of our business, its no secret that we focus on winning the OEM business as well as the retail market.

KP: How many OEM design wins have you had?

DP: We have design wins with all of 10 of the top PC OEMs including: Dell, Gateway, Micron, Compaq, HP and others.

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