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"Just imagine the wind in your hair as you set your self to take off in your very own light aviation simulator."

KP: Please Describe the game for those of us who don't know what this game is about.

LP: Just imagine the wind in your hair as you set your self to take off in your very own light aviation simulator: hang gliders, paragliders, gliders, ultralights,… You can take control of one of these gliders and enter a race against intelligent competitors who know how to handle weather, thermals, ridge effects,… Cool, huh? You can set different types of weather, create your own gliders, accrue more points in races by beating your opponents, and try to land exactly on the landing spots, etc.… All of this is combined in an incredibly realistic environment with accurate flight models.

KP: Will an official "demo" ever be released?

LP: At this stage there is no official demo planned for the title

KP: Will Hangsim feature support for KNI or 3D NOW?

LP: No, it is built on standard Direct3D code, for compatibility reasons

KP: Will Hangsim support any next Generation graphics card’s features? Like larger texture maps?

LP: Currently Hangsim is built to handle any amount of texture maps and resolution since it is defined by it's open structured scenery. When new graphic cards come out on the market, users will have the ability to update their programs by creating more detailed scenery. Hangsim will automatically support these new scenery.

KP: Will the final version come with a level editor or a hangglider editor?

LP: Yes there will be scenery, glider and objects editors. It is not sure yet that they will ship with the final version of the program, or if they will be available as downloads from our site . They will allow users to easily create whatever scenery, glider or object they wish.

KP: When do you expect the game to be released?

LP: Hangsim will be released at the end of September 99.

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