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Wilco on Hangsim

"Do you get a lot of slack and pressure for being the lead Programmer? ."

We have recently had the pleasure of talking with the lead programmer of the upcoming hang glide simulator Hangsim. This came could be one of the first PC hang glide simulators on the market.

Kevin Perko: As the lead programmer for the game Hangsim how much say do you get in the game?

Lead Programmer: We are working on developing Hangsim outside of Wilco’s main offices. I feel that working with Wilco is very satisfying. We get mutual ideas and we discuss them, and I feel very confident with the ideas we come up with together. It has never happened that I have had an idea that was not accepted or seriously discussed.

KP: How many hrs. a week do you work?

LP: Just a few ;-) it can vary between 18 hrs. a day to a more relaxed 12 hrs. a day when there is no special rush...

KP: Do you get a lot of slack and pressure for being the lead Programmer?

LP: The greatest pressure I feel is probably coming from me. I really want to make Hangsim a successful project and I have worked hard to make it so. My main concern is making Hangsim the most reliable and true-to-life sim as possible.

KP: How long have you worked at Wilco?

LP: I started working with Wilco about a year ago. Wilco was the first in the flight sim industry to realize the great potential in the project and their serious and in-depth handling of the concept is supported by their years of experience in the field of flight simulation.

KP: Is this your first game? If not what are the other games that you have developed?

LP: This is my first game but not my first software to be released commercially. I have written commercial scenery add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator and several other multimedia software titles.

KP: How long has Hangsim been in development?

LP: It took about a year and a half to develop Hangsim, the initial development phase took approximately six months. At that time it was clear to us that the initial product would be a success (both the idea and the software itself).

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