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"Will you be adding support for any 3d sound systems (API's)?"

RW: Has the Internet multiplayer code gotten any better? I remember that the game was fairly laggy over a 56k.

:LB: We have spent a large amount of time on this issue and we feel very good with the results. We are doing more prediction on the client side rather than on the server side for FreeSpace 2. This has reduced the bandwidth for FreeSpace 2, which will help the players to have a better experience with multiplay. A great deal of time was spent patching multiplay for FreeSpace 1, so we were also able to build off of that base for FreeSpace 2. This has helped out multiplay tremendously for FreeSpace 2.

RW: What about the sound? Will you be adding support for any 3d sound systems (API's)? EAX or A3D for example.

LB: We do have both EAX and A3D for FreeSpace 2.

RW: Finally, how is the game shaping up? And, when do you plan on releasing it?

LB: Right now things are going very well for us. We recently released the demo and have gotten an extremely positive response from the general public on it. I can't wait for people to play the full version. As for when we will be releasing FreeSpace 2, we are currently targeting Q4 of 1999.

Speedy 3D would like to thank Lisa Bucek for taking the time and doing this interview with us. We are all looking forward to the release of this great looking game!

by Ryan Wissman

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