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"I think Midnight will give a great arcade game to the PC..."

Ques4) What kind of locations can future owners of MGT be expecting to race around?

Martin: They will all be based around Japan, Tokyo to be precise. The races stages will vary from forest, outskirts, city centre, docks and the freeway.

Ques5) Is there anything that you feel could be said about MGT that hasn't been already?

Martin: I think Midnight will give a great arcade game to the PC, the challenging courses we provide a great learning curve in the users attempt to unlock those ream cars.

Ques6) Finally, yet again, when can we expect this bundle of speedy joy to peer into the top shelf of our local game store?

Martin: Q3 2000

A BIG "Thank you" goes out to Martin who is always willing to help people get the latest spiny on TOP titles under production at Rage today and no doubt help sell a few of them.

Website - http://www.rage.co.uk

by Mark 'KILLZAT' Jackson

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