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Rage Software

"Who better to tell us all about these titles then the head PR man at Rage, Martin Kitney."

Rage software next to the likes of DMA and Rebellion among others are well known as being the UK's spear front in the gaming world. With a track record of producing powerful 'arcade' style hits like Incoming and Expendable, Rage certainly knows what fasted paced and turbo charged gameplay is all about.

Admittedly games like Incoming and Expendable have been flawed in their lack of depth and originality, never graphics or sound. Thankfully the teams are now setting out to change all that with a whole box full of new titles for 2000 and beyond in-progress. This interview focuses on three of the primary titles currently in production, namely Midnight GT, Hostile Waters and Incoming Forces.

The Man, The Interview

Who better to tell us all about these titles then the head PR man at Rage, Martin Kitney. We first met Martin at ECTS'99, at first looking like somebody from the Italian Mafia - poised and ready to break out a 'Tommy Gun' any moment. He's actually a very helpful guy who is keen to get the message out to as many as possible that Rage is not a company to be messed with.

He doesn't do this by words, expression or even the use of a long cylindrical barrel of hollowed out steel pointed calmly at your head. Instead he just flicks on a screen and shows you the goods, the games can quite literally speak for themselves. To find out just how much they can, we decided to do a little investigating of our own to learn more about the company as well as the products.

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