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"Bishop Six has many mood swings, and is a little wacky up in the head."

There are three unique characters in Amen. One is Bishop Six. Bishop Six’s personal life is in secrecy. We do know however that Bishop Six once had a wife and daughter, but they died, when their house was burned by the Afflicted. Bishop Six has many mood swings, and is a little wacky up in the head.

The second main character is General Robert Dwight. He is the Commander in Chief of the European Resistance Organization. On Christmas Eve, 2032, he led the attack that drove the Afflicted from London. He also formed the European Resistance Organization. The third main character is General Karen Brenton. She is the leader of the North American Resistance, a very hard position. Her father was the president in 2007 and led the US through World War III. She is not easily impressed by others, and she and Bishop Six constantly annoy each other.


Amen: The Awakening sounds really cool. It will obviously be one of the top games in the genre. Amen is expected to be released in early 2000, but you know gaming companies, its never on time.

by Joe Piotrowicz

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