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"The graphics are based on the Unreal engine and it shows."

The graphics are based on the Unreal engine and it shows. Performance on almost any D3D card with all visual options turn to their highest setting is crap, pure unadulterated crap. I was running the game on an Athlon 750MHz with a 32MB GeForce 2, and it was basically a slide show. Turning off detailed textures helped tremendously, but it still stuttered on a few outdoor scenes.


Another very notable point of interest is the conversation system implemented by sci-fi novelist Sheldon Pacotti. The in-game conversations are very realistic to say the least. Based on a question/answer menu system you can choose how to play out almost every conversation on your own interests. While this isn't really anything new, it's done quite well, and adds that certain play-the-game-your-way type of experience.

While the demo only offers a short taste for what's to come in the final game, this short foretaste of the game is certainly captivating to the point where I want more. Is it better than Half-Life? Well, it's hard to say from the demo but from what I can gather the answer as it stands right now is "most likely".

If you would like to see even more Deus Ex screenshots please check out our screenshots gallery.

by Ryan Wissman

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