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"...the engine is a hyper charged bundle of realistic physics and accurately modelled explosions."

It's a game, but not as we know it

The idea behind GC is somewhat of a hybrid between Battlezone, Wargasm and of course C&C. At the beginning of every mission the units are pre-selected before play so that concentration can be put on the battle rather than the base. This opens up a whole new can of possibilities and ways of expanding just the gameplay itself rather than the management. The need for detailed battle plans and increasingly deceptive and cunning tactics suddenly grows tremendously.

With the focus now firmly on battle, it became obvious that in order to employ as much strategy and planning as possible, the game would have to be clever and realistic. As such the engine is a hyper charged bundle of realistic physics and accurately modelled explosions. In a sense it's like the sequel to 'Total Annihilation' that never was. With big explosions, a world based on realistic physics and units specifically designed for various terrains, GC sets about in a whole new direction from other C&Cs.

In fact almost everything in GC has been scripted on real life physics, from the dust created by tank tracks to the speed at which bullets fly through the air. You can almost imagine sending a column of tanks up and over a rugged hill and seeing them sway, tip and crash back down as they make full use of the realistic terrain around them.

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