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"The engines on your hang glider whirl up loudly as you crank them up to 2000 RPM's."

The engines on your hang glider whirl up loudly as you crank them up to 2000 RPM's. You start into a light jog and then break off into a run. You see the other gliders also running not to far away from you. Suddenly you see the edge of the gorge and jump off from it. Your air born! You slow your engines down and let the wind take you. The other gliders are now airborne too, it looks like you're in the lead. Suddenly with out warning a sharp wind draft catches you off guard and your glider breaks snaps two!! The glider along side yours starts to plummet downward into the gorge in a spin of certain death!! As you plummet to your doom, you see the smirk the other gliders wear on their face as they take the lead, damn you think. This was my typical competition run. As you can see you race with other gliders through all types of terrain. This section is only really fun if you're good, again, unlike me.

This last section is my favorite section. It's called "just for fun". Remember all those gliders who whooped your butt in competition? Well, now in "just for fun" mode you get to blow them away with missiles! Your hang glider is equipped with missiles. What's even better is they can't shoot back! I think you get the idea of this section and I don't need to go into further detail.

Well to sum everything up Hangsim looks like a pretty good game. You can expect lots of fun things heading your way in Hangsim. Don't forget about the missiles, your likely to spend most of your time in this mode (I know I sure did). Hangsim takes flight this October, hopefully.

by Joe Piotrowicz

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