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"Black & White is Peter Molyneux's brainchild and has been described as a culmination of all his mistakes, fixed."

Black & White is Peter Molyneux's brainchild and has been described as a culmination of all his mistakes, fixed. Molyneux is one of the computer games industry most influential characters and his approach to games is entirely unique and inspiring. With B&W, he and his team have been really pushing computer gaming to new heights and how they should be, accessible to all. This all bodes extremely well for the games industry but with the recent announcement of Molyneux moving to console development the PC market will be losing one of its greatest games designers and leaving it in hands not so capable of what Molyneux is. Black & White will be the yardstick by which all game developers should be aiming to surpass in every game in any genre, the most influential game of the past 10 years is nearly here, make sure you save for this one.


Right, Halo. I shan't bore you with telling you how utterly stunning the graphics are, we all know this and if you didn't, just take a look at some of the screenshots in this article. Whilst Team Fortress 2 is set to revolutionise online gaming, Black & White is set to revolutionise the real-time-strategy/god game genre at least, Halo is set to revolutionise how graphics are implemented in games while giving us some great things to be getting on with as jaws drop and close, drop and close (repeat until sore) when we play.

Halo can be approached like most new first-person shooters when in preview; there is nothing we have seen (bar graphics) that appears to be entirely ground-breaking. What we are faced with is a far advanced shooter putting right a lot of criticisms thrown at other games attempting similar goals. The first game that comes to mind that comes to mind when searching for something to compare Halo to is Redline, this game tried to blend all the action of a first-person shooter with that of Carmageddon, a fair attempt was had but in the end the formula was just not right, cars and FPS action didn't really go. Developers, Bungie, look to be sidestepping this blunder the Redline developers made; yes, Halo does have vehicles you can drive, but is not a first-person shooter.

Good Work Corporal

Essentially, we are faced with a third person and first-person game with vehicle modes akin to Team Fortress 2 tanks and Tribes' various vehicles. Sniping, assaulting, hand-to-hand and vehicle flying/fighting are all included (with much more besides) and fits together wonderfully. You then learn there are two races involved, the humans and a mysterious alien race, it was going all so well up until that point, now it sounds like Generic Shooter 5, but as much as you may want to find fault, Halo will always be able to counter a criticism by throwing something back even more astounding and impressive.

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