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"This board also boasts an on-board mouse w/ 2 clickers and 4 directional clickers."

To top all that off, this is one cool looking keyboard. (Again, refer to picture). It may not be that “cool” but still, it's better than a solid white keyboard. This keyboard could easily fit in with an I Mac with all its colors.

This board also boasts an on-board mouse w/ 2 clickers and 4 directional clickers. The 2 clickers are for the mouse, and the 4 directional ones are there in case you don’t want to use the “pad.” I don’t particularly like them, but since everyone has a mouse anyway, it shouldn’t be a problem. If you want you don’t even have to install the on-board “mouse. “The on board “mouse” is ok but not comparable to regular mouse. This is not recommended for gaming at all. On the other hand, it will be fine for you if you are used to a laptop mouse.

Now onto the ratings. For Price I am going to be giving this keyboard an 8.4. Since I was able to find it for $50 at Killerapp that means that you can expect to pay around $60 from a retail store. That makes it a great deal but I was thinking in the range of $10 or $15 cheaper? They could not include the on-board pad with another version. With that said, this is one of the best keyboards that you can buy for $60, if not the best. For Performance I am giving this keyboard a rare 9.5. Simply, It's by far the most comfortable keyboard I’ve ever used. There were keyboards, but then the Acer Ergo 61 came along and we had “keyboards.” Hopefully more companies will follow Acer’s lead. Overall I’m giving this keyboard a 9 point rating. If you have $40 and want a keyboard, then buy this one. Yes I know many people prefer Logitech and MS, but after using their keyboards I still prefer this one. I prefer it over most keyboards because of its wide layout. If you like a wide keyboard, then this one if for you. Anyone want to see a big keyboard comparison? If so, e-mail me.

by Kevin Perko

Price - 8.4 Performance - 9.5 Overall - 9.0

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