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"Modem performance and speed are factors in which can make or break a good modem."

Installation of the modem went on without a hitch, especially since this is the USB version, which you can install when the computer is on. Windows should automatically detect the modem, and install the drivers for you. Thank god for USB! I can't tell you how many times I have plugged in ps/2 or serial devices whilst the computer is on, only to either destroy the port or device itself. Just remember, resist satronic (devil of computers) he will tell you to just plug it in and take the easy way out, but you must resist unless of coarse the device is USB!

Here is the diet version of the call waiting modem's long list of specs:

Interface: Any USB port (Host or Hub)
Typical time to speak on phone before disconnection: 7 seconds

Dial type: Tone, and pulse

DTE (Data Transmission) Speeds: 115,200 bps

Limited Warranty: 5 Years

Modem performance and speed are factors in which can make or break a good modem. Now obviously this is a 56k modem, but not all 56k modems are alike some being speedier (no pun intended) then others. The actiontec call waiting modem uses Lucent technology's V.90 modem chipset as its brain. I used Bell Atlantic's ISP as my test service provider, and Speedy 3D's dual OC-3 server o' love to test upload/download speeds. I compared this with the Creative Labs modem blaster 56k PCI.

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