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"All in all this is a nice little kit to help get your feet wet in the world of networking."


DynaNAT is Actiontec's Internet sharing software that is able to choose which computer is the network's master server on the fly if multiple computers on the network have modems. This is done when the first computer in the network is powered, or connected to the Internet, at this time the DynaNAT software sets that computer as the master server. This is definitely a nice feature, especially since in most networking environments one computer is set as the master server, always.

Does it work?

In a word, yes. The Actiontec USB Single-Room Starter Kit is an excellent home networking solution, particularly for non-technical users. This networking kit is by far the easiest use and setup then any other kit on the market. While not as fast as Ethernet networks which run at either 10 or 100mbps, the 4mbps of the USB port is fast enough for most home use.

For a list price of $69, this is one of the cheapest networking kits available today. If you are the type of person that has little knowledge of how a network works, and how to set one up, then this is the kit for you. On the other hand, if you are a seasoned veteran, you may want to look elsewhere. For around the same price, or a little more, you can get a faster (and harder to setup) network. Probably one of the best uses for this networking kit is for Laptop to PC work. The speed of this networking kit is fast enough that you could synchronize all your files in a jiffy. All in all this is a nice little kit to help get your feet wet in the world of networking.

by Ryan Wissman

Price - 8.0 Performance - 9.0 Overall - 8.5

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